• Verizon HTC One M8 – A Practical Review

    Verizon HTC One M8 – A Practical Review

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    My Favorite Android Apps Of 2013

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    End Of PCU – Beginning Heme/Onc

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  • First Doctor White Coat!

    First Doctor White Coat!

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    AppTips – Anesthesiology Residency Application Process

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First 10 Days Of VA Medicine Wards


Ten days into this rotation, and the struggle is real! It’s difficult to really spend as much time as I’d like with patients, teach medical students, or even teach myself when I’m balancing the plans for 8-10 patients. I’ve definitely improved my efficiency in the last few days, and our census is currently *extremely* manageable, but we’re admitting eight patients today, ... More »

April Is The Cruelest Month – Last Month Of Medicine Wards


At the end of every month, there’s always some anxiety about starting the next rotation. Having to work out logistical issues, meeting new residents and attendings, and adjusting to a new schedule are all things which drive this anxiety. In April, I’ll be at the VA Hospital completing my very last month of inpatient medical wards… ever. Unfortunately, this rotation ... More »

Finished With Transfusion Medicine!


Another rotation down. Easily my most laid back rotation of intern year, yet I still learned some vital information regarding blood banking, transfusion, adverse reactions, and basic pathology which should serve me well as an anesthesia provider in the near future. I’m going to miss my tiny home in the corner of the blood bank’s storage room! More »

Replace Social Share Links With CSS


As part of renovating this site, I wanted to cut down on the resource-heavy social media share links at the end of each post. I’ve modified some of the CSS created by Chris Ferdinandi to replace the aforementioned links with simple color-based links to various social platforms. Furthermore, I tapped into the FontAwesome repository to add an icon to each ... More »